Our Strategy

Gathering Data Off The Road

We have implemented a new design of wireless data transportation for industrial systems. Our main focus is on:
  • Bring connection to places, where GSM and WiFi fails
  • Keep configuration cost to an absolute minimum
  • Open interfaces to connect 3rd party devices
  • Combine wired with wireless technology

Your Business Case

Controlling industrial applications remotely is going to be the future. We provide you with proper infrastructure:
  • Small amounts of data over long distances
  • Difficult environments without network coverage
  • Low-energy scenarios (battery/solar powered)
  • Areas with no permament access (e.g. disposal site)

Technical stuff

If you are an engineer looking for solutions you may have a bunch of questions.
Short version — there is a right way, but each component has to fit perfectly into the process.
All MESHSENS® network nodes itself are capable of handling traffic autonomously by measuring the best path to their next neighbors. This is implemented by comparing link quality, packet loss and response times. You can operate a few of them in-line to achieve 10km and more.
  • Mesh technology to quickly add more nodes
  • ISM licence-free radio frequencies
  • Built-in data encryption
  • Monitoring device status
... still here, we appreciate that! You definitely should talk to our engineers to get a feeling of what's possible. Please leave your e-mail address and we will reply as soon as possible:


Do you have any questions or need more information? Please contact us.

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